All God’s acts towards man are but the workmanship of this goodness. What moved Him at first to create the world out of nothing and erect so noble a creature as man, endowed with such excellent gifts? Was it not His goodness? What made Him separate His Son to be a sacrifice for us after we had strove to erase out the first marks of His favor? Was it not a fervent bubbling of goodness? What moves Him to humble a fallen creature to the due sense of his duty and at last bring him to an eternal felicity? Is it not only God’s goodness?

This goodness is the captain of God’s attributes that lead the rest to act. This chief quality attends them and encourages them in all His ways of acting. Goodness is the complement and perfection of all His works. Had it not been for this compulsion to execute to His goodness, which set all the rest in motion, nothing of His wonders would be seen in creation, nor nothing of His compassions seen in redemption.


From the book “Boundlessly Good”

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