God is all good, and every creature carries a distinct variety of goodness.  God distinctly pronounced every day’s work in creation “good”.  Food communicates the goodness of its nourishment to our bodies.  Flowers speak the goodness of their aromas to our smell.  Every creature offers a goodness of comeliness to our sight.  Plants bring the goodness of healing qualities for our cure, and all present a goodness of objective knowledge to our understandings.

The sun , one sort of goodness, warms us, metals enrich us, living creatures sustain us and delight us.  All those have distinct kinds of goodness which are summed up in God, and are all only parts of His immense goodness.  It is He that enlightens us with His sun, nourishes us with bread…”Man shall not live by bread alone….” Matthew 4:4.

It is all but His own supreme goodness, conveyed to us through those varieties of conduit-pipes.  God is all good.  Other things are good in their kind…. but God has a good of all kinds richly in His nature.  He is no less all-good than He is all-mighty, and all-knowing.


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