The goodness of God encompasses all His attributes.  All the acts of God are nothing else but His goodness flowing out.

The whole catalog of mercy, grace, longsuffering, and abundance of truth are summed up in this one word “goodness”.  (Exodus 34:6).  All are streams from this fountain.  God could be none of these if He wasn’t first good.

When goodness bestows happiness on a being who does not have any corresponding merit, it is grace.  When goodness bestows happiness against merit, it is mercy.  When God bears with provoking rebels, His goodness is long-suffering.  When He performs His promise, it is truth.  When goodness meets with a person to whom it is not obliged to provide blessing, it is grace, and when He meets with a person in the world to whom He has obliged himself by a promise, His goodness is manifested as truth.  When goodness comforts a distressed person, it is pity.  When it supplies an impoverished person, it is bounty.  When it justifies or rights an innocent person, it is righteousness, and when it pardons a repentant person, it is mercy.

All these characteristics are summed up in the one name –  goodness.


From the book “Boundlessly Good”

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